An On-Demand membership offers flexible access to all The Commons locations, allowing you to book day passes and meeting rooms across Melbourne and Sydney. Ideal for hybrid working, you can sign up for a membership for yourself and your team.

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How it Works

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Purchase an On-Demand Membership on our website and begin using our facilities today.


Download The Commons App to purchase additional day passes and book meeting rooms.


Work from any The Commons locations and become a part of our community.

On-Demand Solutions

Get access to The Commons workspaces and amenities as you need. Perfect for teams or individuals with dynamic requirements, requiring flexibility.

$76 per month + add ons

What's included

One day pass per month for any of The Commons location during business hours

Option to purchase extra day passes via The Commons app

Pay-as-you-go meeting rooms

Access all The Commons amenities

Access to The Commons Cultural and Community Event Program

Access and book services at the touch of a button with The Commons Member Portal.

Effortlessly book extra day passes, reserve meeting rooms, and connect with other members within The Commons App or via the desktop Member Portal.

Enjoy flexibility, book day passes and meeting
rooms as you go with On-Demand Membership.

Enjoy flexibility, book day passes and meeting rooms as you go with On-Demand Membership.

Add Ons to your
On-Demand Membership

Pay-As-You-Go Meeting Rooms

The Commons meeting rooms are designed to facilitate inspiring meetings. From board meetings to creative sessions, all-day workshops and client presentations, we have small intimate spaces and large training rooms to suit your meeting needs. Book a meeting room right on The Commons app.

Photo Studio
Pay-As-You-Go Day Passes

Our Pay-As-You-Go Day Passes are available for members to book their workdays at The Commons. Book a Day Pass right within The Commons app and reserve your workspace for the day.

Room to Grow

We offer solutions for your changing needs. We have seen small teams grow rapidly to dozens of people and we are here to support all your growth. From a Virtual Office Membership to a Private Suite, our team can help find a solution that works for you.

Case Studies

Blackbird Ventures

Other Membership Options

One pass. All-access. Whether you’re a freelancer or a large enterprise, we have options to suit your needs.

Co-Working Space

24-7 access to shared workspaces and all common areas.

Private Office

24-7 access to a private, enclosed office space.

Virtual Office

Premium postcode, mail handling and phone management services.