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We partner with landlords and property developers to add value to their portfolios and enable them to tap into more tenants and businesses. We create access to tenants who can use their spaces with little effort, minimal risk, and less hassle, allowing them to enjoy a higher financial return when compared to traditional commercial leases.

Why Partner With Us

Each space is designed with meticulous attention to detail and the belief that good design is essential to improving the well-being and productivity of members. Every aspect exists to inspire and shed unnecessary obstacles so that members can focus on their ideas.

With 13 locations across Australia, the Commons Group has a network of thousands of members who are given reciprocal rights across all the spaces.

The Commons Group has developed a reputation in the industry for a strong community, excellent service and beautifully designed spaces. Creating a community within the workplace is the foundation for success, and one of its primary objectives is to support members and the community they spend their days with. Improved company culture, growth and collaboration are vital outcomes.

Our Members

Case Studies

Central House is in partnership with the Deague Group, known for APSO and the Art Series Hotels, with 150 years of experience in the property industry.Central House serves as an executive workspace for a more formal audience than The Commons and Forum. In addition, Central House provides formal, executive workspaces targeted at professional industries.

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Forum is in partnership with Fortis, property developers. The Fortis portfolio already includes more than $500 million in completed residential and commercial projects, with a further $224 million to be completed by the end of the year.Forum is a high-end workspace with a high service offering, premium amenities, a luxury experience, and locations in the prestige city fringe.

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The Commons Group has developed Oreka, a customised all-in-one management platform to optimise the end-to-end management of flexible space to enable the efficient deployment of new sites at scale with consistency, reliability and adaptability in mind.

Case Studies

To learn more about partnerships with Commons Group, please get in touch with us.

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