Downtown Bar

DOWNTOWN is a classics bar, located in the 168-year-old larder underneath The Commons’ dining room. While The Commons brings traditionalism back to food upstairs, Downtown takes you back to the roots of good music and liquor. Our bar menu and music are inspired by the golden age of cocktails, jazz and blues, from the turn of the century until 1950. With the intent to bring back “forgotten beverages” Downtown now focuses on a libation with a heroic heritage: Vermouth, a drink that comes with a history and the romanticism of old, secret family recipes, spanning generations.


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Live Blues & Jazz

Live Music is played live in The Commons’ cosy Downtown bar Thursday through Saturday night. Thursday 9/9.15pm start Friday & Saturday 9.30pm start

Some of the artists playing:

  • Jesse Redwing grew up on punk, found inspiration in the likes of Peter Green, John Mayall, Eric Burdon, Eric Clapton and the Stones, then took a step back to Chess Records, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Buddy Guy and Willie Dixon. Backed by the Real MVPs (drummer Nicholas Meredith and bass player Brendan 'Thumper' Clark), Redwing's real, raw, punk-tinged blues is a live experience to behold, and producer Stephen Mowat has proved himself capable of capturing their explosive energy on tape. Studio recordings have so far come in the form of singles Comin' On and Crawlin' Up The Walls - the latter recently launched at a packed Brighton Up Bar - and there's a full-length album set to see the light later in 2016.
  • Sugar Bowl Hokum delight with a mix of ragtime and blues and a touch of jazz. Reworking the songs and sounds of such trailblazers as Memphis Minnie, Barrel House Annie, Rosetta Howard and Bessie Smith, Sugar Bowl Hokum introduce new arrangements which break new ground, all while preserving and reviving that classic ragtime sound. These tunes echo from the very roots that underlie modern jazz, back when some people knew how to dance a lindy hop, while others were still scandalised by syncopation. Band Members Cassandra Woodfield -Vocals, Mike Meissner-Guitar, PK-Bass, Tim O’Driscoll-Drums, Tanya Maree -Trumpet
  • Bonnie Kay and The Bonafides: Here is a unique sort of soulful and sassy package of blues and roots: Bonnie Kay, a contemporary American singer/songwriter from Philly who landed in Australia via Tokyo, uses acoustic, finger-picking, slide-guitar techniques, plus a voice reminiscent of blues icon Bonnie Raitt's, to deliver her own red-hot, sexy sound. Bonnie’s voice and guitar speak evocatively to the archetypal medley of emotions springing from the trauma of love relationships between humans. Elements of jazz, soul and funk- with indescribable element of texture and colour-sometimes smooth and jazzy, sometimes gritty and raw- taking the dance to a sobbing heap on the floor and then lifting it up into a foot-stomping, hollering hootenanny . It’s a Bonafide Band with a capital B. That, there, is the triple truth, Ruth!
Downtown at The Commons is open Thursday through Saturday, from 6pm. Come down and soak up an old-timey Whiskey Sour, a New Orleans’ Sazerac or a Manhattan with the sound. To find out more about Downtown or to make a booking, please contact us on 02 9358 1487 or
Cocktail Functions
The Commons Local Eating House & Downtown Bar offer cocktail canapé packages suited to the duration of your event. You may either personally select individual items to the required value, or simply choose from our pre-selected menus. Pre-ordering wine is recommended to guarantee sufficient stock is available for your party. It is essential for groups of 20 guests and over. To pre order wine please request the full wine list and give 7 days notice to ensure stock. A bar tab limit will be established at the start of your booking, You may select to extend your tab at any point during the evening. Alternately, you may opt for a premium open bar package, which is $25 per person per hour, for a two-hours minimum. This includes a selection of mixed drinks, select wines and bottled beer.
What style of cocktail party do you have in mind?
  • A reserved area in a bar to have a group of friends and family join you?
  • Or a private function where you can have more flexibility to personalise the event with speeches, decorations and entertainment?
How much would you like to spend?
  • You can achieve a great cocktail style party spending very little if guests are purchasing their own drinks.
  • With a larger budget you may choose an open bar function or put a tab on the bar and pre-select beverages: wait staff will offer full service to your guests.
Minimum spends and hiring fees apply to exclusive use of the venue, dependent on start and finishing times, the date and time of your booking. We will provide you with a quote once you have specified details and type of function you would like to hold.











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